Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick Update

So Stephen had his first review last week. It went well, no raise but he definitely qualified for the last quarter bonuses (2 of them), as well as last years annual bonus. Can't wait to get those checks!

I kept forgetting to mention that I think I've sprained my right wrist. It happened the other week when James was not feeling well, running a fever and having his molars cut through his gums. The reason I think I sprained it then was because I was holding him 24/7 including every morning from 6-8am - it was the only way he would continue sleeping in the morning. I thought it was just sore for awhile, but I think I seriously hurt it. And since it's my right side and I am right handed, I continue to use it which probably doesn't allow it to heal. I try to remember when carrying James to carry him on my left side, but most of the time I just ignore the pain. It's when I do simple things like lifting my drinking glass, or getting the gallon of milk out of the fridge, or even when I type! It's pretty painful. I am going to ask the kids doc about it tomorrow.

The kids have their well checkups tomorrow. I'm curious to see how much each has grown. Both are up for some vaccine shots, they won't be too happy about those. But I will be back tomorrow to post about their current stats and will try and update their online web pages.

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