Saturday, December 22, 2007

Parent's Visit & Houston Trip

We had a wonderful visit with my parents. They flew home to CA this morning. :-( It was unfortunate Stephen had to work the first few days they were here, but we still got a nice dinner in at Salt Grass Steakhouse and ate pizza and watched the Vikings win Monday night football. And of course we put Dad to work on different tasks and jobs around the house. He fixed our garage door button plate that has been broken for months, fixed our front door knob, checked our heating ducts and replaced our filter. Oh and I'm sure there was more he did but I'm just forgetting. They brought a huge box of gifts for the kids - thanks to everyone who sent presents for Christmas and Madeline's birthday. Maddy had a ball, we've been celebrating her birthday all week long, opening a new gift each day!

Here she is with her birthday gift from David, Armilyn and Alex. A new tropical Dora doll!

We also had a few packages arrive at our doorstep, here Madeline is showing off her birthday gift from Jon & Miki Fujii - some Paul Frank slippers.

We took my parents to Houston for a few days to visit the Tengbergen's and the Flinkerbusch's. We got an extra treat being there the same time as Eric and Maureen's family from Hawaii. Madeline had a super fun time playing with her cousins!

Kiara, Nathan and Madeline playing in Oom Folly and Tante Patty's backyard.

Here James is at the Houston Children's Museum.

The second night we had a lekker dinner at Tante Patty's and afterwards celebrated with a birthday cake Aunty Pam & Aunty Maureen got Madeline for her birthday! (This is my new favorite photo of Stephen and Madeline).

While we sung "Happy Birthday" to Madeline!

Ariel and Dad enjoying some ice cream!

Maureen and I enjoying each other's company!

Mom and the kids in the Taurus X getting ready to head back to Austin! (Gotta love Stephen's company car and free gas!).

Oh ya, forgot to mention. James is pretty much walking (and trying to run!) all over the place now! While playing out back at Oom Folly's, he started running on the golf cart road and did a face plant and skinned his nose. :-( He also got a knot on his forehead. Like everyone said, "He's a boy, this certainly wasn't his first fall and won't be his last!". Poor baby when he woke up the next morning he had a huge scab on his nose. Thus his new nickname is "Rudy!" aka Rudolph! James became very smitten with his Opa this visit - always finding him around the house and reaching for him. It was very sweet.

I have a ton more pics that I will put into a slide show soon. Just wanted to update the blog with a new post. Hope everyone enjoys this Christmas weekend! Our baby girl turns 4 on Sunday!

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