Friday, December 14, 2007

Parents arrive tonight!

I thought I'd post a little update, seeing I probably won't be online much this next week with my parents visiting in town.
Hopefully by now most everyone received our Christmas letter and the photo of the kids. I thought their portrait turned out pretty good, both smiling at least, right? I'm also happy to say I finished the remaining of our Christmas shopping last night. Headed over to the 24 hour Wal-mart last night around 10:30pm by myself. Now my only problem is all the gifts that are stashed in my guest bedroom need to be moved since Mom and Dad are coming tonight!
Stephen's been super busy at Hertz. Working overtime almost every shift - too bad he's salary and doesn't get paid for the extra hours. With bad weather hitting all over the country, flights are delayed and customers are grumpy. Poor Stephen has been stressed on some days. Thankfully he has all next week off for vacation time. And we'll be taking a road trip with my parents to Houston to visit family.
I've been in a lull with my WAH job. I initially signed up to train for the agent skill with Virgin Mobile USA. But after 4 hours of online training, I realized these calls I would be taking would be dealing with the same stuff Stephen dealt with selling for Wireless Advocates in the past 2 years! Wasn't looking forward to talking on the phone trying to sell different phone plans or dealing with angry customers who have problems with their phones. So I decided to resign from that assignment and was hoping to sign on as an agent for Toys'R'Us. I've been back and fourth with HR all week about signing up. And unfortunately I just found out today, Toys'R'Us currently isn't taking any new agents. So I may do a contract with Sears instead. I'd just like to get the ball rolling, finish my online training and start taking calls.
The kids are good. Madeline is SUPER excited Oma and Opa are coming tonight. And she's just thrilled anytime she gets a birthday gift in the mail. We'll probably be doing a few smaller birthday celebrations for her over the next week - with family in Houston, with our friends/neighbors, and her at home on her actual birthday. James is WALKING all over the house! The past 2 days he's really showing interest in standing up and walking everywhere rather than crawling! I also think he's cutting a few more teeth. So he's also been a bit grumpy throughout the day. And boy does he get mad when he's hungry! He wakes up mad, cause he wants to eat immediately! And he grunts at us, when he's sees us eating and not sharing. It's actually quite funny!
Okay, so that's the latest! Hope all of you are staying warm. Temps have dipped into the 50's around here. I really dislike it, and miss our warm Texas weather!

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Uncle Steve said...

Dipped into the 50's? Everyone else in the country is having snow and ice. He he he! Don't you just love Texas. The kids look great. Miles apart from y'all but very close to our hearts. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and prosperous New Year. Love ya