Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Interview went well!

My interview with the architecture firm (www.hajekhomes.com) downtown this morning went really well. It's a small firm, 3 man crew. But I believe I am exactly what they are looking for! They need a part time assistant who can do basic office stuff but also someone with a graphic background to help redo their website and also someone with architecture knowledge who can look up auto cad drawings, etc. Sounds like they would really work around my schedule and be totally open and flexible where I could come in while Stephen is at home with the kids in the early part of the day. They have a few more interviews to conduct and I'll find out tomorrow afternoon their decision. Pray for me please!

Oh and they have a very cool office space! Right downtown on the corner of 6th Street and Brazos Street behind the famous Driskill Hotel http://www.driskillhotel.com/. Above is a photo, they are in the off-white building to the right of the hotel.

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