Thursday, October 11, 2007

PB&J and more birthdays!

James still eats jarred baby food, but he will try and mostly eat any table food you put in front of him. The other day Madeline had a PB&J sandwich for lunch and James was throwing a tantrum to get his hands on it! So I let him have a little taste, he liked it! So this morning I gave him his own PB&J...

Today is my Dad's sister's birthday, Happy Birthday Tante Freidl! Yes, my Oma had my Dad and my Tante 1 year and 1 day apart! And right in the middle of war time 1941!

Also wanted to say congrats to my 2nd cousin Amanda and her husband Robby. They had their baby girl, Abby on October 9th. Be sure to check out her blog and I'm sure she'll have some pics up soon! Here is one of their son Tanner holding Abby's hand that I got off her my space.

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