Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Father the Hero

After James' birthday party my dad and my wonderful uncle, Oom Folly took the liberty of fixing our Yukon. It needed a new water pump. We're trying to get it ready to sell as with Stephen's new job and company car we no longer need it and it will save us $300 a month in car payments and insurance.
Here they are working hard in the Texas humidity!
Taking a break to have a cold one!
"Here Dad, let me wipe that sweat off your forehead!"
My Dad also fixed a number of other things around our house that needed fixing. Like our vacuum cleaner, dining room chair, office filing cabinet. And he ordered our refrigerator handle that still needed to be replaced! You're awesome Dad, THANKS and we love you!

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Anonymous said...

Dos XX beer company owes me!
Love, Dad.