Thursday, October 4, 2007

James' 1st Birthday

James had a wonderful day on his first birthday. We had a pizza party for him. Our neighbor friends came over, my parents flew in town, all my relatives and family friends drove out from Houston and we even had visitors all the way from Holland! James fell asleep in the beginning of his party. We got a PiƱata for the kids. A soccer player with a jersey with a "S" on it for "Spence"! James LOVES to play ball and kick and throw his soccer ball around, so it was perfect. We ordered his yummy Mickey Mouse cake from HEB and they gave us a free "smash cake" for James since it was his first birthday. I think he was more into the feeling of the frosting between his fingers than eating the cake! Later that evening we made an Indonesian dinner with rice, sate and gado-gado. It was a perfect day for the birthday boy! THANK YOU to all of our family and friends who helped make it so special for him!


Bill said...

The party was great. But I'm disappointed I was denied some gado-gado.

Ariel said...

i was so glad to have been apart of the faily celebratin of James's birthday. CONGRATS to james. It was very nice meeting your neighbors as well. and the part was fun. i love you guys!!! xoxoxoxo