Saturday, September 8, 2007

More Visitors in Austin!

Well we knew David and Armilyn were flying into Austin today, but surprisingly the Flinkerbusch's and Oom Folly and Tante Patty were in town today too from Houston! Oom George and Tante Xenia's son, Dwight, lives here in Austin. He brought them all over to our house in Kyle so they could see where we live.

Tante Xenia and Tante Patty

Oom Folly, James, Dwight and Oom George

James showing Dwight how he plays soccer!

James anxiously awaiting for the ball.

Then later this afternoon we headed to ABIA to pick David and Armilyn up from their flight. Stephen surprised them at the airport, he happened to be at the Hertz counter near the baggage claim. Next we drove downtown to get them checked into the Hyatt where they will be staying for 3 nights for David's graphic design conference.

Madeline stretching out on their comfy bed!

After that we headed over to Dwight's house a few blocks away for a yummy BBQ!

Here we all are right before digging in!

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