Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bats and HFMD

So the kids and I went on a bat boat tour with David and Armilyn last night. We got to see a lot of Lady Bird Lake and learn a little more about Austin. Then a little after 8pm, after the sun had set and it was dawn we witnessed thousands of bats take to flight from under the Congress bridge (it's behind them in the photo). It was crazy how many of them there were, estimated to be 1.5 million of them! They flew over the tree line and headed east. At one point the boat driver parked us right under some of them flying, and yes we got pooped on. But he said not to worry, that if any of us were wearing mascara - we already had bat poop on our faces!

So Miss Madeline has been acting exceptionally cranky the past few days, real whiny, complaining of her throat and mouth hurting. I figured she just came down with a sore throat. But since she's been getting on my last nerve (seriously!) I decided to take her to the docs today just to make sure she didn't come down with something, like when she had bronchitis last month. Turns out Madeline caught the coxsackie virus also known as Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD). Poor girl has a bunch of sores in her mouth, on her tongue and in her throat. (Okay know I feel a little guilty about being such a harsh mommy to her these past few days). Anyways, here is some info on what she has that I found on babycenter - since I know I will be asked especially since I posted my 3 year old daughter has some sort of "disease"...

Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is a fairly common viral illness in children. (HFMD is not the same as foot-and-mouth disease, which affects animals.)HFMD most often occurs in preschoolers, although adults and children of any age can get it. Most adults have developed antibodies against it from previous exposure. HFMD most often shows up in the summer and fall.HFMD can be caused by any of a number of viruses, most commonly the coxsackie virus. If your preschooler contracts HFMD, he'll first have a mild fever. You may notice that his appetite isn't what it usually is. He may also have a sore throat and feel lousy in general.A day or two after the fever starts, your child will develop painful sores in his mouth — on his tongue, gums, or the inside of his cheeks. This will likely make him irritable.Your child may also develop a rash on the palms of his hands, the soles of his feet, and maybe his buttocks. The rash, which isn't itchy, starts out as small, flat, red dots that may turn into bumps or blisters.

Unfortunately it is contagious and I think James may have picked up the virus too. Staring yesterday I noticed some blister looking bumps on his hands/arms and near his mouth. Tonight he also started having a runny nose. Anyway, just treating them both with some Motrin and Madeline is doing a prescribed mouthwash to dull the pain of the sores. It should run it's course and both should be fine in a few days.

But wouldn't you know it, the day before we leave for Houston. We're leaving tomorrow to visit family with David and Armilyn. I hope it's still a fun trip!


andria said...

Sorry to hear that Maddy is sick and that James might be getting it as well. You're a great Mommy, so the kiddos are in good hands. Try to have a fun time in Houston!

Sarah said...


I accidentally clicked next blog today when I was looking for something and found yours! You have such a beautiful family and I have really enjoyed seeing all of your pictures!

I hope you don't mind if I continue to follow your family online. I feel like I just found a new friend!

Feel free to check in on my blog (although I don't update it as frequently as I would like to) but I must warn you - I don't have nearly as much fun as you guys! :)