Thursday, August 16, 2007

We are all home!

My mom flew back with the kids and I on Tuesday night. The kids did great on the plane. Maddy watched Ice Age twice on her DVD player and James slept probably 2/3 of the flight. Stephen was very happy to see all of us at the airport.

We've had a rough few days back home though. James continues to battle a cold. He still is running a fever every now and then. And now his nose is really congested which makes it hard for him to breathe and sleep. We had a long night last night. Praying he sleeps better tonight. And that he gets well real soon.

Yesterday Mom took us out to lunch to Mama Fu's Asian Cuisine. The food was real yummy, will definitely be eating there again. They play live music on the weekends out on the patio. Something we will have to check out. After we ate there was a playground next to the restaurant so we let Madeline go play. Well this didn't last long...

She was on one of those rocking horse style toys that goes back and fourth on one of those large springs. Well she started going to fast and bonked her mouth on the metal bar you hold on to. Stephen was standing right there and said it sounded loud! Well she started bleeding right away. She hit her left front top tooth. OUCH! I'll admit I panicked. Was concerned her tooth was loose. That she would loose it. Although it is still her baby tooth, he adult one wouldn't come in for another 4 years or so. Visions of her being toothless for the next few years got me really sad!

We gave her Tylenol for the pain and put Orajel on the gums to numb the pain. The bleeding subsided. I called my old neighbor who is now a dentist, Dr. Vanessa Cruz. She called me back and eased my worries. She says it's a good sign the tooth is still in the same place and not loose. That hopefully the gums absorbed all the shock and trauma from the hit. And to just monitor the tooth all week. Hoping it doesn't bruise and turn color. If that's the case we will need to take her in the get evaluated to have an x-ray to check the root and make sure no damages can cause infection to her adult tooth.

What a day!

Today we did a little shopping with Mom and walked around Cabela's looking at all the animals. It's raining out today. Which is nice. It has cooled the temps down.

I'll be back later to post some more pics from our CA trip.

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Spence Family said...

Why does it seem that there is always something going on! I hope James feels better soon, for your sake and his, and I hope that you dont have a toothless daughter for 4 years! Yikes! I'm sure everything will be fine in a couple of days, but then something else will come up.... Such is life!