Friday, August 10, 2007

Random Pics from CA

The kids and I are still visiting in CA. Madeline has had bronchitis this week so that has sort of put a damper on going out and doing stuff. I do have some random pics though that I thought I would share on our blog...

We took a walk over to Plavan (where I went to Elementary school) here are the kids with Oma having a snack in the shade.

James with a BIG smile on the swings!

Nana with her 3 princesses, Ella, Eden and Madeline...

James with a girlfriend, Hannah (my best friend, Robyn's niece). She is 3 months younger than James, isn't she adorable!?

Madeline and Alexander eating a snack together - meatballs YUM!

Now they are eating Fudge-sicles!

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Spence Family said...

Dont you just love visiting family? I cant wait to go to Jordans wedding in September to see the family. I still cant believe how big James is getting! He is Darling!