Saturday, August 4, 2007

Visiting in California

We flew to CA to surprise my Oma for her 90th birthday, we also were able to surprise Stephen's mom for her birthday. So it's been a fun trip so far. Oma's party isn't until tomorrow, can't wait for all the yummy food and to see everyone.

Here we are checking out Dad's new bar and bbq area, Madeline likes Opa's singing country bear! :-)

What a fun place to hang out! To see more pics of his bar, checkout my Dad's

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Marco Samson said...

Indeed a good plan! At last it's hot overhere! 30-32 degrees Celcius!
Yesterday I was on the beach with my good friends, all dressed up in Star Wars costumes. Yep Oom Edu en tante Thea we hadden 2 Sandtroopers (part4 and 5) en 1 zwarte Stormtrooper, 1 Jedi and emperor Palpatine! All the tourists were amazed and many many photo's were taken. Take care en de groetjes uit Rotterdam