Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just hangin' around the house

This morning when I was folding laundry on the couch, James was on the floor near my feet and he grabbed hold of my legs and starting pulling himself up. When he got to the standing position, he gave this BIG grin like, "I'm so proud of myself!". Then he started looking around and I could see the curiousity going seeing all the stuff on top of the coffee table he could grab. So of course I grabbed my camera. He's able to hold on the couch for a minute or two by himself.

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Notice his big toe curled under on his right foot...

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And standing on his tip-e-toes on his left foot!

So Madeline asked if she could take some pictures. I thought, why not it's digital and I can erase them. So she started shooting away. Taking photos of Pinky Doo on TV and her rocking horse. So I told her to take a picture of James and I...

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Not bad for an amature huh? (Yay, so half the couch is in the's still a good picture of James and I! - Excuse my pj's and no makeup, I've been sick with a head cold for 2 days.).

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And here she is, the photographer "in-making"!

Stephen's been swamped with work. He's now down to 1 employee again since the WSE that has been helping out from San Antonio worked his last day at his store today. He's needed in San Antonio again because the manager quit and they fired a sales guy there. Not looking forward to Stephen working some 9am-9pm shifts again. And unfortunately the only sales guy he's got is a bit of a joke. The guy has gone about 5 days with no sales. And Stephen got word from his carrier reps that whenever they came in to visit, this guy was always on the computer - Stephen assumes surfing the web. Stephen even found when he went on Google on his work computers it showed recent searches of "How Not to make your girlfriend jealous" and "Becoming an actor in Hollywood" (getting a mental picture of this guy?). So yesterday Stephen did a little "007 work" and spyed on him from a distance in the warehouse. Low and behold he was surfing the web. So Stephen called him and asked how it was going, he said it was slow and there were no customers (in the meantime Stephen had seen many pass by the kiosk). Then a customer walked up and started looking at phones, and this guys didn't even acknowledge him!!! So the customer left. Needless to say Stephen wrote this guy up.

Stephen has heard back from both T-Mobile and Cingular to fill out more information via the Internet so hopefully he'll be contacted by them soon. Keep praying!


Spence Family said...

Dang I wish I looked more like you when wearing no make up and having a head cold! Your right that picture is cute of you and James! You really do have a photographer in the making!

n&k spence said...

What a big boy. I love his huge open mouth smile. Tanner still doesn't quite get up on stuff yet. Ok by me. It will come soon enough.

Uncle Steve said...

You don't need makeup Melissa. You are pretty any way you are.