Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bedtime Chart Reward

So we've been having a bit of a battle with Madeline crawling into our bed every night. She suddenly became scared of the dark and her room. And since I'm so tired during the night from still nursing James, and Stephen is exhausted from working long hours - we've been bad about walking her back to needless to say we've been waking in the mornings feeling like, "Three's a crowd, sigh." I came up with a brilliant (or so I thought) idea to create Maddy a bedtime chart where she would earn "x's" on this grid for staying in her bed the entire night, 5 x's = a toy she gets to pick out at the store! Well the first 2 nights worked out great...but then she starting coming in our room at 3am saying she didn't care about earning a toy and was more comfortable in our bed. So Stephen and I did our best to take her back to her room. Well she finally earned 5 x's. We went to HEB and I let her pick out something...what did she get? Something she already has a gazillion of - a stuffed animal. Granted though she has been playing with all her doggies for a couple weeks now. She is really excited about this new one. Let's hope the chart continues to work!

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n&k spence said...

Good luck. That would be hard.

Uncle Steve said...

Why not go to sleep in her bed? Then when she crawls in she there. Or tell her you have monsters under your bed.