Saturday, July 14, 2007

Angie's Wedding Photoshow

I have a TON of photos from Iowa. So I'm grouping them by event for my online Photoshows. I put this one together tonight, still needs some tweaking but I am getting tired (it's almost 1am). Besides I am redoing all of my Photoshows on my other graphic software where I can create slideshows to my own type of music (Photoshow only has a small selection of songs) and I'm going to put those on DVD's along with the video we took and burn copies for anyone that wants one (let me know!).


Uncle Steve said...

I would like to have a copt please Melissa.

Spence Family said...

Thank you so much for making that slide show! What a beautiful wedding, all the girls looked so gorgeous! Still can't believe we missed it, next time for sure!