Sunday, June 17, 2007, my Dad's blog & congrats Jordan!

I have a lot to post this weekend! :-)

Check out my travbuddy at the bottom of my blog, pretty cool to do and see where you've traveled and how much more of the world you have to see! I can add Iowa and Nebraska to it next week!

I inspired my Dad to start his own blog...he's basing it on all the handy things he's done - calling it "Handy Man Ed". Stephen thought he should've named it "Ed the Builder" (like Bob the Builder). Check it out, his link is on my blog to the bottom right.

And congrats to Uncle Steve's 3rd son, Jordan on getting engaged this weekend!!!

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Uncle Steve said...

It is official. Sept. 15th in Oakland, Calif. Then a reception in Modesto, Calif. about an hour away. Her mother wants to know when the grand children are coming. I love her parents already. Michaela is a cutie.