Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hanging with our neighbors!

We are becoming good friends with 2 of our neighbors in our culdesac...Bill and Jimmena who have 4 kids, and Sean and Chandra who have 2 kids. Chandra invited all of us over last night for some drinks and munchies to celebrate Sean's birthday, her sister's family also came (they just moved here from Colorado and have 4 kids too). Her present to him was a sky diving trip and we were all gonna go watch him!

Here are some of them looking for the plane...see the next pic for a close up of Stephen...

Standing next to Bill making a goofy face!

The kids eating their licorce!

Waiting for Sean to jump...

There he is, he jumped from 10,000 feet!

Madeline saying hi to baby Kayla!

When Sean landed he surprised Chandra (and all of us too as we thought they were already married) by proposing to her! It was real sweet!

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Kay B said...

Sky-diving, what a cool present! And what a big surprise proposal!

The kids look so big now.