Monday, June 11, 2007

New Do!

So with our trip coming up, I thought I should finally pamper myself and spend my mother's day money my Oma gave me with a trip to the salon. Most of my life I've had medium to long hair which Stephen really likes on me. But in the past year and a half it's been shorter (which Stephen likes too). The last time I had it cut was last August before my 10 year high school reunion and before James was born! Honestly I don't get my hair done often, maybe once or twice a year.

So I wanted a "fresh" look. I spent a little extra this time and got some highlights. I wanted to stay away from reddish color highlights, so the stylist said she would do caramel (I love that do you say car-amel or care-mel?) highlights. They turned out pretty nice. So here they are...before and after pics...
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Oh and I also got my eyebrows waxed - I desperately needed to!
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This profile pic I did a "glamblur action" in photoshop. :-)
And here is a close up of my car-amel highlights!
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SO WHAT DO YOU THINK - please leave a comment! ;-)

Other exciting news. So I've been searching for freelancing jobs, mainly on craigslist. Then I came upon this part time gig to be a Mother Representative for Growing Family - FirstFoto at the South Austin Hospital. This job sounded SO cool, basically it's to take newborn photos - and you know me I LOVE to take photos! You have to be comfortable with newborns (that I am) and knowledgable on computers (that I am too!). So I sent them my resume. I thought on 1 of Stephen's days off and a few other half days where Stephen can watch the kiddos I could do this. Well after 2 days of playing phone tag with the company's recruiter she finally interviewed me over the phone and said she decided to send my info to the District Manager here in Austin. Can't wait to find out some more details on the job and if it's something worth doing for some extra money. I'll keep you posted!


n&k spence said...

Your hair looks awesome. Love the highlights too. I am always afraid to do hilights because of the grow out and upkeep. One day I will do it.

The job sounds fun! I would love to do something like that. What could be better than babies and photography?! And you get them both in one job! I was not impressed with the pictures that were taken of Tanner in the hospital. And I thought he was a cute baby, so it had to be the photographer. :) Good luck. Hope you get it.

Uncle Steve said...

I say carmal. All I know is that it's good for removing baby teeth. Hair looks great. Good luck on the job.

andria said...

Hey Melissa, Your hair looks great! I like the highlights. Doesn't it feel good to have a new hair-do? Hope you get the baby photo job, sounds like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks really cute! I want to get my hair done too! - Donna (fellow mommy and FVHS alum)

Spence Family said...

That looks wonderful! Perfect for a new summer do!

heather said...

Melissa my mom Bonnie said you look like a model...and I agree with her. Hope you land the baby photo job.