Thursday, December 5, 2013


If you haven't heard on Facebook, I got a new camera! And I'm loving it. Still trying to figure out all the settings. But it's fun practicing with it. Last night was Madeline's first school choir performance. They were invited to sing at our town square's Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Madeline with one of her best friends, Ashleigh.

This is their school music teacher, the kids love him! He studied music in New Orleans. You can tell, the kids put a blues/jazz spin on some Christmas songs they sang. (Stephen took video, I will have to upload them to You Tube).

In their last song he broke out his guitar and they sang "Feliz Navidad". The crowd loved it!

Great job baby girl!

I'm so thankful my kids go to a school were they still have a music and arts program. Both Madeline and James love to go to music and art classes. They have wonderful instructors!

After the performance we hung around for some crafts, the kids really enjoyed it.


andria said...

Looks like a fun time. Madeline looked so pretty and so grown up! I'm also very happy that the boys' new school has a music and art program as well, we didn't have that back in Cali.

Mickie and Matt said...

Melissa! Those photos are fantastic! I looks like she has a fantastic music teacher too. I always loved the music and arts at my school too even though I didn't do anything in high school. Your photography is really great. I would have thought you'd been using DSLR for years! I am also glad you got a new camera so you'll post more blogs :) It's easy to fall behind isn't it but with such awesome photo you HAVE to blog them! :)