Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 3 Vacation... Hollywood Studios & Rain!!!

Day 3 Maureen and I woke up early and headed to Publix, a local grocery store, to get there when it opened at 7am. 2 full shopping carts later we were back at the resort around 9:30. The guys took the kids to go pick up my brother's family at the Port Orleans resort as they were checking out to join us at our resort. Before they did that they took the kids swimming at the fun pool there. Once the kids got some swimming out of their system we headed over to the Hollywood Studios theme park. We saw some fun action and 3D shows while we waited for our FastPass time slot for Star Tours. Our time arrived!

James was a bit anxious on what to expect on this ride (and most rides) but I was looking forward to seeing how it differs from the Star Tours in Disneyland California. 

She loves to be silly just like her father. We're all getting strapped in for Star Tours! It was super fun, we loved how this one took you "under water" to see some space monsters.

Photo op for the kids outside Star Tours!

The kids really enjoyed this show, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. 

We headed over to see a Pirate show, when the kids saw the Buzz Light Year ride. David and Nathan took all the kids on that while the rest of the adults waited at a near by shop. And suddenly came a down pour! Good thing we brought our ponchos! The only thing that stinks about rain/thunder and Disney parks is they shut down all the outdoor rides. O'well, we still made the best of it.

We found an indoor ride, The Great Movie Ride. It was actually really enjoyable. And as you can see my nephew Alex LOVED when we reached the Wizard of Oz section (one of his favorite movies lately). Since it continued to rain and we got in most of the main attractions, we left the park in the early evening. 

We headed back to the resort, cooked some dinner and when the rain let up we took the kids down to the lazy river and spa. Our resort is hopping at night time. There are lots of things to do. So after some swimming we took the kids out for a stroll and to the game room.

If they didn't run out of money, 
I think the kids would have spent the whole night at the arcade.

But they did run out of money and the moms and dads were pooped.Time to turn in to our rooms...

But the fun seemed to never stop with this bunch. Thanks to Tante Army for the awesome finger lights, the kids did some dancing back at our rooms. Hope we didn't wake the neighbors!

And finally on many evenings like this one you could find the kids in their swimsuits taking a bubble bath in the jetted tub in the master room.

Next post...Animal Kingdom...stayed tuned!

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