Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pool Party

So the kids had a great school year (only 3 days left), I decided to throw them a pool party for them and their friends. But our party got rained out on the the 24th! :( So we rescheduled for the 31st and thankfully it was a hot, sunny day!

These kids are excited school's out for summer! :)

Daddy (aka Stephen) was a big hit with the kids, making up games and races.

James loves the water!

Spongebob joined the party. :) I had hot dogs in a crock pot, chips, grapes, graham crackers, cupcakes and push pops for the kids.

Everyone had fun posing for the camera for me.

James' buddy Aaron was able to make it to the party. :)

1...2....3 Jump!

The kids have made friends with some really nice kids at school. Glad they had a fun time!


Mickie and Matt said...

How fun is this!!!! I loved ppol parties as a kid. Looks like James Madeline and all their friends had a great time too.

Sarah Jay said...

Happy Summer!! :)

What a great idea to celebrate the end of school!