Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Viking Christmas

So this summer we found out that our favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings, would be playing here in Texas this season! And better yet they are playing on Madeline's 9th birthday, December 23rd. So we promised the kids we would take them to their first Vikings game, and Nana & Poppi will fly out from CA to join us. Well back in August when I started looking at tickets they were around $60. Stephen told me to hold off on getting them. Then in September and October I changed jobs. In November we were waiting on a bonus check from Stephen's work to purchase the tickets. Well we were finally able to...and let me tell you they cost us a pretty penny...more like and arm & a leg...seriously an obscene amount....sigh. But we made a we're gonna go and enjoy the game....even if it means we're eating PB&J sandwiches and boxed mac'n'cheese for the next month! The kids decorated our tree this weekend and were excited to put this Santa ornament on.

Hope y'all are getting into the Christmas spirit!!! 
Michael Buble's Christmas album can help you do that...
One of my favs :)


Mickie and Matt said...

I think he has another special on this year. Love that song too! Ty does a little dance in the car when we play Jingle Bells.

Sounds like a fun day for the game! I too have looked into NFL tickets. CRAZY expensive so I've never been.

Sassy Sarah said...

I almost had a mini stroke when I tried to get NFL tickets for friends for Christmas. And it was only 2!! Hope the game is awesome and I'm sure your family memories will make the mac and cheese worth it! (PS - try putting some taco seasoning in the mac and cheese to spice it up a bit! It's our new fav!)

Hope you guys have a good week! :)

nathan said...

Time to teach a lesson about finances ;) Just kidding. Hope you all have a good time. That would be sooo much fun. Make the most of it!

Justine and Fernando said...

It's a hard decision to buy those tickets. But if it's a special birthday, and her grandparents are going, I say it's going to be memorable. I had the same doubts as you with the pre-Olympic basketballs games this summer. We even went broke with a babysitter! But it was worth it! You guys will have so much fun!