Monday, November 12, 2012

School Turkey Day & Soccer

On Friday the kid's school put on their annual Thanksgiving lunch where parents and grandparents can come and have lunch with their child. Their cafeteria staff cooks a yummy Thanksgiving meal. So I told the kids I would be there but Daddy had to work. Stephen actually took the day off so he could surprise the kids. First up was James' lunch hour. It was also his first time getting a hot lunch at the cafeteria (I pack the kids lunches everyday), so he was super excited about that too!

Madeline's lunch hour followed James, she was happy to have both mom & dad there.

James was full of giggles and joking with his dad the whole time. We met a bunch of his school buddies.

James enjoyed the yummy turkey and the pumpkin cake.

His lunch break went by too fast, but he enjoyed his first Thanksgiving lunch at school.

With Madeline we ate our lunch in the gym and then had our dessert in the cafeteria by her friends.

Can you tell she's a daddy's girl?

Madeline is such an excellent student and well liked by her teacher, school staff and friends. We received the letter bellow from her teacher on Thursday...

This weekend also marked the end of the soccer season for the kids, last practices and last games.

James' team, the Chivas, played 2 games at the tournament on Saturday. James scored a total of 6 goals. He's really improved this season compared to last season in the Spring. His coach was a Texas State student again. James liked him and enjoyed playing on his team. We asked James if he would like to play soccer again, he said yes but he is also interested in trying out baseball too. 

Madeline & Ashleigh's team, the Timbers, played 3 games at the tournament on Saturday. Their team has a lot of new-to-soccer players so they had a tough year. And although they all did their best they were yet to win a game. Well that finally happened with the 3rd and final game, they won 2-0!!!! Woo hoo!!! They were ecstatic. All the players received medals and patches. It was a great season. Good exercise for the kids and also fun! But now we're looking forward to no practices to attend for the next couple months and sleeping in on Saturdays. :)

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andria said...

What a fun thing for the school to do! Also, I have a feeling that James and Jason are going to get along great! :)