Sunday, July 1, 2012

July already?

I can't believe the year is already half way over! But I am super happy it is July now, because that means our family vacation is soon! This weekend we met my friend Erica and her kids Sara and Michael. Her hubby now works night shifts at the hospital on the weekend so she wanted to get out of the house to leave it quiet for him to sleep. We met them at Locomotion inflatables. We went here last summer with cousins Nate & Kelly and kids when they visited. The kids were super excited to hang with Sara and Michael here.

I think they got in about 2 hours of play time. Enough time to get all that extra energy out. Of course we were all hungry after so we headed to one of our favs on the lake, the Hula Hut.

After lunch the kids insisted we take the parking shuttle golf cart up to our cars. It's the little things that thrill kids. :) We'll be hanging with the Lane family again next weekend when we head to their home to celebrate Sara's birthday. 

So with our upcoming vacation I knew I had to get my eyebrows waxed (I'm lazy about plucking them and it's been about 2 months since I last had them done). I also wanted to get my haircut and had a coupon. I got a little "me time" today. When I got home I decided to highlight my hair with one of those store bought kits. If you read my previous post about getting gray hair then you'll know that I'm trying to figure out how to cover them up. :) I tried one of those root hair colors to cover them up. But of course missed some of them. I was going to do all over color, but then thought it was summer and why not try some highlights where the grays would just mix in. :) I like how it turned out. Now I'm ready to get "my toes in the water...." 

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