Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother-Son Date "Knight"

I was not in the best of moods today. And I had planned on cleaning all afternoon and evening because Stephen's parents arrive tomorrow morning. But decided to take a short dinner break to go out on a date with my son. A couple weeks ago our local Chick-fil-A had posted that they were having a Mother-Son Date Knight (I believe in honor of Mother's Day) and I signed us up for it, there were only a limited amount of guests that could attend. It was free, you just had to pay for your food. I figured they would have some sort of "Knight" craft for the boys to do and that's about it. Boy did they go all out! When we arrived a knight greeted us at the door. And then a maiden hostess showed us to our seats. They blocked off a corner of their fast food restaurant and decorated the walls to look like a castle, and had the tables set with table cloths and candles!

They had a waiter take our order. It was cute because instead of bringing our meal out on their normal fast food tray and in wrappers...they put it on gold paper plates.

I thought it was so sweet they paid extra attention to these small details. Around the candle they had gold foiled chocolate coins. And on the table they had a conversation stater guide for Mothers and Sons. I remember one of the questions was "Who is the bravest person you know?" I figured James would say his Daddy, but apparently it's Spiderman. They had some would you rather questions, and James rather be able to fly then have super strength, and he rather live underwater in the ocean than on the moon. :) They also had a take home pamphlet with fun suggestions of quality time ideas to do together.

The Knight came around and knighted all the boys (well those that weren't too shy, mine was too shy). And then he gave them real carnation flowers to give to their mom. James thought that was pretty cool.

While we were eating, to our surprise we saw out the window a very large horse roll up with a white horse carriage! Yes, in front of the Chick-fil-A! This was for all of us mothers and sons!

So we waited our turn and took our 5 minute carriage ride around the Target parking lot. :)

What a treat! That was definitely one of our favorite parts of the date.

And guess who else was there on a mother and son date...our friends from across the street, Aaron and Kate.

This photo was taken by their staff so they could upload it to there Chick-fil-A Facebook page.

Despite a little bit of whining and impatient complaining, overall James was a nice date. And I think he had a special time this evening. He was sent home with his own shield to color...and of course we brought home some food for Daddy & Sissy. I hope they do a Father-Daughter date night for Father's Day!


Kelly Spence said...

How fun. i am sure he will never forget that mom and son date.

Justine and Fernando said...

How cute!!! What a clever idea, and very detailed as you say. He was with one hot chick!

Sassy Sarah said...

Chik-fil-A is awesome! I wish they would come into the Northeast!!!

What a special night for you both!

Wishing you a very happy (early) mother's day! Hope your day is full of love and family! :)

Mickie and Matt said...

How fun is that! All at Chic-fil-a!

Kristin said...

What a great date! I need to do that with my kids. Well the date part of it anyways :)