Monday, April 9, 2012

The Bigger Leap = New & Old Friends

Moving to Texas as to opposed of our move to Oregon was a bigger leap for us because we had no family and no friends in the city of Texas we were moving to. At least in Oregon we had my brother in-law's family and my husband's uncle and cousins. It was hard, a bigger unknown. But you know what God has blessed us here in Texas with new & old friends. I am so thrilled that a friend (Erica, Stephen and I both went to high school with her) from our hometown in CA has moved her family here. It's so perfect that the Lane family has moved here, we get along great, we both have a girl and boy who love to play together...we're going to have so much fun this summer as we will have a buddy family to tube, swim and play with! Their son Michael had a birthday last weekend, so we drove to their lovely new home to celebrate.

They got a new play structure for their backyard, the kids enjoyed that.

After the celebration in their home we went to a jumpy bounce house place that also had a foam pit. The kids were in Heaven! :)

Can you tell we had just a little bit of fun ;) We can't wait to hang out with them again soon!

Also we've been blessed with wonderful neighbor friends. Of course the Wright family (our first neighbors and friends here in Texas) are so dear to us, we miss them living right next door. Our neighbors the Geesaman's have been wonderful. Kate is who watches James every morning while we go to work...and as you can see James loves being with his buddy and his little bros every day.

Our neighbors right next to us, the McCommas' are awesome, we get along with them great. They invited our kids over for their family egg hunt. The kids had a ball, especially ambushing Garrett with confetti eggs.

Through cheer we met the Medina family. They are wonderful friends too! Our daughters will both be making their First Communions in a couple of weeks. And Victor and Melisa (standing center wearing white, with their sponsor wearing pink & black behind them) themselves received the special and holy Sacraments of baptism, communion and confirmation this past Saturday at the Easter Vigil Mass. We were glad we could be there to witness and celebrate with them.

So we're surrounded by loving friends, and so very thankful. Though we did not get to spend Easter with family, it was still a special time for us. 


Justine and Fernando said...

Oh I know how it is to not have family or friends! I really needed emotional support in the beginning. It's HARD!! You look like you've made a nice life for yourselves there in Texas. The kids are having fun and you all look so happy.

Sassy Sarah said...

When you aren't able to be with family, friendship becomes so important. It's so awesome to see that you're lives are so full and blessed!