Saturday, March 3, 2012

Match #1

Beware there is mucho photo syrup on this blog post, but can you really blame's our baby boy's first soccer match! Dressed in their purple uniforms, the Panthers were ready to play! James (on left) saying hi to his teammates as they are warming up.

James #10 practicing at getting the ball in the goal!

The game is ready to start but first the ref checks to make sure all the players are wearing shin guards and proper cleats. James is on the far left. It was nice and sunny out but temps dipped back into the 60's and it was windy out which made it feel colder. So some of the kids were already bundled up.

Let the game begin! Go #10! Go Jimmy-James! James played in waves of being interested at going after the ball. Sometimes he would run after it. Other times he would just stand there, daydream, or watch the ball as if he was bowling. During his play time he did get the ball and make one attempt at kicking the ball in the goal and missed it by a foot. I only caught him once picking the grass. I told him "don't pick the grass, follow the ball." and he said, "mama I'm not just picking the grass, I'm seeing which way the wind blows." (he throws it up in the air to see which way the wind blows it). Not sure if wind direction plays a big factor in soccer, but okay.

Proud papa with James during a water break...tell me does James look like either Stephen or I when we played soccer at his age?...

At this age they play 3 on 3 with no goalie and no keeping score. You could definitely tell which kids have played before, there were definitely a couple really good players on each team. The little boy up on the left was one of ours that played a great game. Stephen kept yelling, "Pass it to the Italians!", those of you that have seen Will Farrel's soccer movie Kicking and Screaming will understand this quote and mantra. :)

We were assigned to bring the healthy half time snack, so I cut up oranges to bring along with frozen gogurts (which probably made the kids even colder LOL).

James (my anti-fruit kid) was happy to have his gogurt.

Are we ready to play the second half...

One of Madeline's best friends, Ashleigh, and her family came to watch James' first game. These former cheerleaders were cheering the Panthers and James on.

James waiting with his very tall coach to be put back in the game.

James after he just threw the ball back into play.

The players waiting for the ball to be thrown back into play.

My no-meat-on-his-bones kid finally got too cold and put his sweater on under his jersey. Posing for mom during another water break.

"Yay I finished my first match mama!"

"Now that you've finished your first soccer match James, where do you want to go?"...

The kid wanted his spicy general Tao's chicken at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Must be the Indonesian in him. :)

Proud of our baby boy.


Mickie and Matt said...

HOW FUN IS THAT! I loved all the pictures especially the ones of you and Stephen at James' age. What a fun thing for James to do too. Can't wait to hear how the rest of the season goes.

P.S. Love the blog over!
P.S.S. Did you ever say what you are doing this year for lent? I may have missed it while on vacation or maybe you never said. I thought about you all on Ash Wednesday and Matt and I had a conversation about how come everyone doesn't get Good Friday off since Christ's Atonement and Resurrection was pretty much the most important time in history... compared to his birth, which we get off... whoa longer comment then needed haha

steve said...

Uncle Steve is so proud of you James. You look so handson in your uniform. I also love the old pics of your momma and dad at your age. Love you, Uncle Steve