Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Soccer Practice

Tonight was James' first soccer practice! This is his first time playing. James loves to run. He also loves to kick a soccer ball. Now let's see how he does playing on a team. :)

Meeting Coach Matthew. His coach is a student at Texas State University. He's really nice and patient with the kids. James even said to me on one of his water breaks, 
"mama I like my coach."

James is playing on the San Marcos AYSO. The playing fields are about 10 minutes from our home at the 5 Mile Dam Park along the Blanco Vista river.

Coach Matthew played a few fun games with the kids like freeze tag...

...James loves playing tag and he's quick, but whoops he picked his ball up and ran. 
Still learning :)

The team has 4 and 5 year olds. And it's co-ed. They are called the Panthers.

Coach Matthew did some dribbling drills with the kids playing "Red Light, Green Light".

James' feeling after his first practice....he really likes it. :)

And this was the gorgeous sky when we were leaving practice at 6:30pm. The river is to the left behind the white fence. And those homes in the hills overlook the river.

Our little boy is growing up! We look forward to watching him play his first season of soccer.


Sassy Sarah said...

Oh my gosh - he looks so grown up and so very happy to be playing sports!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm sure he will love it. It's so cute to see them playing. The games are hilarious to watch. Everyone just runs around, some are really into it and some could care less.

Can't wait to hear about the season!