Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm super excited because this month we will be signing James up for his first team sport experience: soccer! Madeline being the oldest child has already done swimming lessons, gymnastics, dance classes, and cheerleading. And she started all this when she was 2! James is 5 now and hasn't done anything. I feel bad. If we didn't live in a neighborhood with a pool, I think I would've already signed him up for swim lessons - but we just taught him ourselves. Stephen being a boy who did really well in sports growing up thought it wasn't worth signing James up too young to play, because he afterall didn't start playing until he was 7. But we've talked about it and feel soccer at James' age would be good for him. So we're finally going to have a season of focusing on Jimmy-James. :) Now his sissy will have to go to all his practices and games and be the one sitting and waiting. Eventually I'm sure we will get to the point where both kids will be doing an extra-curricular activity at the same time...but for now I just want to take turns each season to focus on one of them. I think James will do pretty well in soccer. He loves to run, and he's fast. He loves to kick a soccer ball around. What will be new for him is listening and learning from a coach, following game rules and playing with other kids on a team. I'm excited for him. So beware, lots of syrupy soccer photo posts are expected for this blog this Spring!

Have I ever mentioned my hubby is terrible about keeping gifts or surprises secret? Well he is. Apparently him and my best friend have been coordinating a weekend for her to come out for a visit in February. The other day he just broke down and told me. LOL I'm super excited!!! Back in 2005 when we moved away from California it was super hard to leave our family and friends behind, but it was terribly, super hard to move away from my best friend Robyn. Thank goodness for unlimited talk time minutes and texting, and emails. When we moved to Oregon in 2005 she was able to come up for a visit (photo above). And we've seen each other each year we go back to visit California. But since living here in Texas since 2007 she hasn't been able to come out and see where we live. Well she finally is (such an awesome surprise!) and I cannot wait to show her our home and our stomping grounds now.


Sassy Sarah said...

Best friend visits are good for the soul!! I'm visiting mine this Friday night and I can't wait for some good old girl talk!

Mickie and Matt said...

Soccer how fun for James! Can't wait for the pictures!

Matt wants Ty to be in Tumbling classes to help with hand eye coordination... maybe next year.

How exciting your BF is coming to visit! What a great time!