Saturday, December 24, 2011

8 years! Time to Celebrate!

It's tough having your birthday around Christmas or in the summer time when everyone is on vacation or busy with plans. Instead of doing a party for Madeline this year we got tickets for the Disney Phineas & Ferb Live Show. Oma & Opa were in town so we just went as a family. We had 1 extra ticket so Madeline brought her friend, Ashleigh, along. One stop before the show though...Chuck E. Cheese for lunch! Requested by the birthday girl herself.

Everyone loves pizza!

The kids had so much fun playing all the games there. Opa even joined in on the fun, but James came out winning the game! :)

Madeline & Ashleigh playing some guitar hero.

Madeline was trying to decide between a Hannah Montana or a Justin Bieber cake. And then she ended up picking this one! :) I love Sam's Club cakes.

Our beautiful birthday girl.


The girls loved getting their photo sketched.

Present time! Thanks to all who sent her birthday presents!

Happy about her gifts from Nana and Poppi.

Next we headed over to the Frank Erwin Center. We had pretty good seats and the kids were real excited about the show. James was eyeing the cotton candy man...

And they got their cotton candy and Phineas hats. :)

It was a really cute show, a lot of great dance routines. Lots of interaction with the audience including shooting marshmallows out to us, having gigantic golf balls for the audience to toss around (think 25 times the size of beach balls) and lots of confetti at the end of the show. Madeline really enjoyed her special day.

I posted this then and now photo of her on my Facebook. I can't believe how much she's grown!

Oh and even though our home is all decked out in Christmas decor, we still made sure to do the traditional Spence birthday decorations for her the eve before her birthday. Put a smile on her face birthday morning.

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Mickie and Matt said...

What a lovely wonderful girl she is! Glad she could have a special day with your parents there to help celebrate too!

Merry Christmas ;)