Thursday, November 17, 2011

These Make Me Smile

I downloaded Michael Bublé's new Christmas album so I've been listening to it on my way to work this week. I have to say it's an awesome album, I love his voice. Every time his new Jingle Bells song comes on I can't help but smile, sing along, move to the beat and snap my fingers. Seriously you will too.

This song makes me smile too. I couldn't figure out who was singing the duet with him. Turns out it is Shania! I've always liked Shania Twain. Her voice sounds so unique and fun in this song.

Lastly had to share this video that makes me smile. My sis in-law posted it on my Facebook. We're a BIG Vikings fan family. But lets be honest, the Vikes stink this year. We didn't even pay for the football package to see all the games on TV (thank goodness, would have been a waste of $). It's pretty pathetic this year, sigh. So this past Monday night when we went up against our big rival, the Packers, we had no high hopes of winning. But don't get me wrong, Stephen did really feel this sad inside.

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Mickie and Matt said...

I LOVE Michaels new Christmas album too. I have it as a play list on Youtube I listen too at home :)

That little girl is hilarious.. pretty reminiscent of me as a little one haha. Yeah we take sport seriously in this house too.