Friday, October 28, 2011

That's What Family is For

I am so ecstatic and we have been blessed. The end of this summer we started noticing our almost 3 year old laptop was acting up. In the past when I've had computer problems that I couldn't figure out I would either call my dad or my cuz in Hawaii, Quinten. He's like a computer wiz. Right now Quinten is doing contract work in the middle East (keep him in your prayers that he stays safe and protected)...but thanks to technology I was able to contact him for help. He did some trouble shooting with me...turns out the hard drive is nearly fried. So bummed - looks like we had to wait until Black Friday for any good computer deals. I asked him if he knew of any now. He told me that he is constantly refurbishing computers and he had one he could send us. I asked how much he wanted for it, right away he said "come on, we're family". What a generous guy. I have the best Ohana.

The laptop arrived this week. It's practically a brand new computer. It's a Dell Latitude E6420. Super nice, and best of all it's super fast. No of all...

...We now have Adobe Photoshop CS5! You don't understand. On our old laptop I had the 1998 Photoshop 5.0 version. Yes, I used that dinosaur software to edit every photo I've ever posted. It did the job but didn't have all the fancy upgrade tools and actions like the newer versions I've used in college and at work. But now, on our new laptop, we have the latest version CS5 (actually the entire Master Collection including InDesign too). Awesomeness. Now I can download those fun photo actions like from Pioneer Woman and others. Have I said it yet, I am so ecstatic. One thing I love about this version is the content aware tool. I use it almost daily at work and wish I had it to use on my personal photos at home. Check out this quick video on what it does, it's like magic!

So thrilled, it's like Christmas. So thank you cuz. Quinten you've been a blessing to us with your thoughtfulness and willingness to help us (especially at 2 and 4:30am, waking up and driving to your work on base just to walk me through setting things up!). You're amazing, may God bless you.

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Kelly Spence said...

Wow! That really is generous. So nice to have updated software huh? I can't live without PS.