Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Perfect Ending...

...to my long past 2 days. Fresh baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies with a glass of cold milk.
Just a recap...yesterday I woke up at 6:30am, got myself ready for work, got Madeline ready for school in workout clothes (the red ribbon week theme day) and got out of the door at 7:15am to drop her off at school. We got to drive to school and work in this cute little Fiat...
Got home from work at 12:30 and kissed hubby goodbye as he went off to work. Cut my son's filthy finger and toe nails because we were heading to the doctors, can't let the doctors see my child with filthy finger and toe nails. Got to the doctors at 1:15 for my physical appointment. Found that I weighed 5lbs less than I thought, but realized I still need to drop about 30lbs. Had a fun conversation with Dr. S. 1:35pm got 2 viles of blood drawn for biometric screening. Went back to the doctors waiting room. 1:50pm James was called for his well check up.
This kid is growing fast! And he's got great metabolism and speed. He now weighs 39lbs. and is almost 45" tall. He's right on track for his growth curve, even though he hates eating fruits and veggies. Doctor was pleased with him being right on track for his age. 2:45pm got home just in time for Madeline's school bus to drop her off. 3:45pm left for Church. 4:30-5:30 taught my 2nd grade CCD class about Forgiveness. Love my students. Got home at 6pm, watched the kids ride bikes out front while I watered our lawn and flowerbeds. Did the dinner and bedtime routine and crashed on the couch somewhere between 10:48 and 11:35pm.

This morning woke up at 6:30am. Got Madeline ready for school, made sure she had a canned good to bring for the Red Ribbon week theme day to donate to local food bank. 7:15am drove her to school. Headed back home, hopped in the shower. Got James up, brushed and flossed his teeth and then we headed to the pediatric dentist. 9:30am they gave him his sedation meds. Waiting for about 30 minutes for it to take affect. 10am watched and prayed as they laid my son down, gave him laughing gas and several shots of Novocaine. He needed 2 fillings. He did awesome! Didn't even flinch the entire time. He was really sleepy the whole time, said it didn't hurt but that the dentist kept waking him up. :) After the procedure he wobbled out of the office happy about getting a toy. 11:30am got a call from my doc, all my blood work came back...cholesterol levels and everything else he checked for were good. Came home, ate lunch with hubby before he went to work. Got a call from our neighbor, she was at the hospital having a baby today!

So I headed across the street and watched their 3 boys for 5 hours. 6:30pm their other friend came to relieve me. Headed home so our other neighbor could come over and watch Madeline and James so I could head to Madeline's school for the 7pm parents meeting for Gifted/Talented Student Program her teacher referred us too. Wow, our daughter is smart. :) All A's and excelling in some areas above her grade level. 7:30pm meeting was over, headed home. Thankful for great neighbor friends. Helped Madeline with her homework and tucked her into bed at 8:25pm. Got a call from our neighbor - she had the baby at 7:11pm!

So now I'm sitting here blogging about my very tiring past 2 days after devouring my milk and cookies.

Glory to God, all is well. 

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