Friday, September 2, 2011

My Wiggly Fish

I'm so proud of James. He learned to swim this summer at the age of 4. I still have him wear his arm floaties or his life jacket if we are swimming at rivers or swimming holes, or if we won't be near him at all times in the pool. Otherwise though I'm getting pretty confident in him being able to swim to the edge and not just sink and gulp a mouth full of water. Let's just say his form isn't there yet, he does a doggy paddle or this move where he wiggles his whole body - but it gets the job done. And he's actually pretty fast!

The mask and snorkels the kids got for Easter this year really helped James learn to swim because he didn't have to worry about breathing or coming up for air. The above video clip is of him chasing me in the shallow end.

I challenged him to swim the entire length of the pool (see pic below) with me without stopping. I borrowed a mask and swam along side him so I could video it. He did awesome and made it across the entire pool! Way to go James!!!

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Mickie and Matt said...

LOVE IT! Okay so he can swim, Ty just kinda bobs and doggy paddles:)

Those masks and snorkels are handy.

Oh and that camera is pretty schnazzy too for capturing those under water moments so clearly.