Monday, August 1, 2011

I blame it on him.

So James had his 6 month cleaning appointment today with our new pediatric dentist. He was super excited about going and very brave and still. The tech who took his x-rays said he was such a good boy, perfectly still. And the hygienist that cleaned his teeth, polished and flossed said they looked great! No plaque or stuff in between the teeth. I was beginning to think we would actually leave with a good dental appointment. I thought too soon...sigh. So in James' x-rays it showed his adult 6 year molars were coming in and starting to push his baby molars tighter together (great breeding grounds for cavities to start). The x-ray also showed one small cavity not visible to the eye but on the side near the base of his molar. As well as a "shadow" forming on one other molar which the dentist informed me is the start of a cavity. He said he is able to fill them now, but it they get any bigger they would need to be crowned. NOT AGAIN!

Seriously you couldn't tell from these pretty little smiles that my children have horrible baby teeth. And I blame it on him. That is Stephen. They must get the bad teeth genes from him, since I've never had a cavity. (this is my frustration typing). This will put our total medical/dental out of pocket balance for the year over 4K! Ugh. So we'll continue brushing twice a day, floss daily, and pray...that we get no more cavities.

***Edit: Stephen says I need to clarify that I don't really blame it on him, just being sarcastic in a frustrated state of mind. :)


Kate Geesaman said...

Oh, no! Sorry to hear this!

Mickie and Matt said...

Booo! Yes I hope no one gets any more cavities either!

Justine and Fernando said...

Better cavities than some grave illness to inherit? Ah, but yes, that hurts!!