Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 5)

 - 1 -
I love newborn babies. Another lil Spence (lots of kids in the Spence family, the name will live on forever!) was born, hubby's cousin and his wife had their 2nd child this week. A sweet lil girl named Capri. Click here to read her birth story and see more adorable pics. Congrats Jordan, Michaela and big bro Calin.

- 2 - 
So incase some of you don't know, I've been working on a 365 daily photo project since February. I am 26 photos away from being half done! Wow. Can't believe I've come this far. I plan on making a photo book after I am done, no descriptions, just of the photos. It's weird how you can look at a snapshot and it brings about a memory.

- 3 - 
So I am completely hooked on Pinterest. It's so addicting! And I love it. It's great to be able to just pin a photo onto one of my virtual pinboards. If you want an invite so you can start pinning, just send me an email!

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- 4 -
We have 2 family weddings to attend this year, both of them are for hubby's cousins. Mid July we will be making a roadtrip up to Iowa. Can't wait! The kids are super excited about seeing more family, James will get to see his Godparents. And we can't wait to boogie down on the dance floor with this fun bride (if you can't tell by her photo above)...this of course all after they celebrate their Holy Sacrament of Matrimony with their wedding Mass. :)

- 5 -
Speaking of our roadtrip for the wedding, are y'all aware of all the flooding that is going on up in Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa? It's so crazy and sad! We will most likely see some sites like in this video on our roadtrip. So please pray we have a safe journey but most of all pray for those that are loosing their homes and businesses to this flood. Pray that through this all they will remain hopeful in God and trust in Him that everything will be okay. And pray for those that surround them to reach out and give a helping hand with whatever they can.

- 6 -
Incase you didn't catch it on an earlier blog post this week, our 4 year old learned to swim without any of his floating devices. We are so proud of him!

- 7 -
So I think after work I am going to get my haircut. My hair is getting long again, although Stephen and Madeline like it long, I just feel it ages me and looks so out dated. Like you know those women in their 40's who still sport hairstyles with bangs from the 80's cause they think it makes them look young like they were in their youth? My hair gets heavy and pulls down, exposing my round face and I just don't like it. Anyway, going with this cut again. I really like it, what do you think? (does this model have 2 different eye colors?)


JoAnna said...

Cute haircut! I got a similar one a few weeks ago, and I really like it.

I think she does have a blue eye and a brown eye. Weird.

Mickie and Matt said...

Yes I think that model has 2 different colored eyes... Cute cut though :). Loved that James is a little fish now!

Still can't believe all that flooding.

One of these days I might do pinterest, I think I would get too addicted though so I am holding off.

Who is that a picture of? I only knew of one Spence cousin wedding. Wait, is there on on Eveys side getting hitched too?

SO fun that you are taking a picture a day, I should do that too. I should have done it last year. Seems like our world has turned upside down since then.

AND of course, I too and excited about the newest Spence lady addition. Looks like little Capri has some dimples! I can't wait to meet her...