Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A to Z

I saw this and thought it might be fun to do!

A: Area Code
512, but I love 714 and 808 too.

B: Bed Size 
King! Before we moved to Texas we always had our comfy queen size sleigh bed. But then when we got here, we had an extra guest room. So the Queen went in there and we got a King. I like to sleep on the very edge - so Stephen says he dislikes it because it feels like I'm miles away!

C: Chore You Hate 
It's a toss up between cleaning toilets and never-ending laundry - I dislike them both very, very much.

D: Dog's Name 
Penny Lane, Stephen named her after the famous Beatles song.

E: Essential "Start the Day" Item
Toothpaste, if I want a fresh start.

F: Favorite Color
Purple. In fact Aunt Anne brought me this beautiful purple scarf as a thank you for having her for the reunion.

G: Gold or Silver?
I like both.

H: Height

I: Instruments You Play
Growing up I learned to play the clarinet and the piano.

J: Job
After my mommy and wife duties, I work part time as a Color Specialist for a Fine Art Company in Austin.

K: Kids
Our beautiful daughter, Madeline. And our handsome son, James.

L: Living Arrangement
Homeowner of a 3 bedroom + loft, 2.5 bath stone and brick home with a porch and 2 Southern style rocking chairs :)

M: Mom's Name
Dorothea, Dutch family call her Thea (pronounced Tay-ya). And Stephen's mom is Evelyn, or Evey for short.

N: Nickname

O: Overnight Hospital Stay
4 times in my life. Once as a kid after a bike accident & surgery due to injuries from the accident, the births of my 2 children, and lastly earlier this year for Pneumonia and a rapid heart rate.

P: Pet Peeve
Open cupboards and dirty clothes on the floor - hubby does these both. Sigh.

Q: Quote from a movie
"I'd take pleasure in guttin' you, boy. I'd take pleasure in guttin' you... boy." What is wrong with these people, huh?" Stanley Goodspeed. Stephen and I always crack up when we hear this part on the Rock.

R: Righty or Lefty?

S: Siblings
2 brothers, David and Tason. 3 brother in-laws, Mike, Bryce and Mark. And 3 sister in-laws, Armilyn, Brenda and Laura.

T: Time You Wake Up
On the weekdays during the school year 6:25am. During school breaks, 7am. Weekends, I sleep in.

U: Underwear
Yes, I wear it.

V: Veggie You Dislike
Broccoli, can only eat it in quiche.

W: Ways/Reasons You Are Late
The kids, hubby or because I forgot something.

X: X-Rays You've Had
Dental, lung and sternum. 

Y: Yummy Food You Make
Chicken Enchiladas.

Z: Zoo Animals You Like
Fish or sealife.

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