Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time to get organized!

With guests coming soon to visit it has really motivated me to do some major cleaning and organizing among other house projects. So we have a junk cabinet and 2 junk drawers in our kitchen, do you have a junk drawer or cabinet? Anyway, it was time to organize the chaos. So I bought these baskets from the Dollar Tree for $1 each :) they are the perfect size for the shelves in this cabinet!

After I separated all the junk in different categories I made labels for the baskets using cute free fonts from Fonts For Peas.

Now everything has a place. And it won't be so frustrating to find something. By the way in the first photo on this post you will notice zip locks on the top shelf. The one on the left is about 25+ lighters that Stephen had brought home from people leaving them in rental cars - and Stephen doesn't even smoke anymore! (almost 5 years ago he quit! :). Yes lighters are good for lighting candles, but do we need that many! LOL

Incase you were wondering what it looked like before, here it is! What a mess!


Mickie and Matt said...

I can't believe that, 25 lighters? I can't even find one in our house and we need one all the time for candles and bow making...

Those baskets are a great idea. Everything looks great and you can still just throw things in there just find the right basket first.

Sassy Sarah said...

What a great idea! I think I'm going to do something like that for our bathroom closet. I think we just throw everything on a shelf and push what's already there to the back. This would make life so much simpler!