Monday, May 30, 2011

Projects Around the House

We have family coming in 2.5 weeks for our mini Spence reunion (Stephen's parents and all of his siblings families). So day by day I've been trying to get projects around the house done so I'm not overwhelmed in cleaning the few days before. I am getting ready to paint our stairwell and by the window on our stairwell I plan on hanging these newborn baby outfit shadow box frames. Today Stephen got the tubs of baby clothes down from the attic and I was able to find the kids outfits for them. I can't believe how much my babies have grown! Touching and seeing all these clothes brought back lots of memories of when they were newborns and so tiny.
Right now I'm having 5 newborn photos (wallet size) printed of each of them either in these outfits or in other outfits the first week of their lives. I'm going to pin those along with a name card with their birth stats in the shadow box with these outfits. Hopefully I can get them done soon!
Can you tell we had one boy and one girl? :)

While I was doing a ton of laundry yesterday I thought to myself, "why not give the kids one of my house projects?". They were super thrilled to get their own bowls of soapy warm water with sponges. I had them scrub the baseboards! I try to vacuum my baseboards but sometimes the dirt just sticks and since they are white it is really noticeable to see the grime. The kids did all of upstairs and the entire stairwell. They did awesome! And they were very proud of the job they did. Now I can check that off my list - well maybe after I have them do the downstairs. :)

I finally finished my anniversary gift to Stephen, and giving our powder bathroom a transformation. Stephen said the bluish purple and my Oma's painting made the powder room look too old ladyish. So my work redid our art gallery lounge and the owner let me take some of the art taken down. Score. I was able to pick up these contemporary art images printed on acrylic. I love the artist and the images are abstract watercolors of a guy and a girl skateboarding. I thought they were fun, hip images. So I repainted the room a gray - much more clean and neutral.

Also put a hand towel rack.

I also took down the bath towel bar to the left of the toilet that came with the house. It's really silly to have a bath towel bar - when there is no bath or shower in the powder room. Anyhow, I'm pleased with how it turned out. And so is Stephen. :)


Mickie and Matt said...

Okay that first picture is HILARIOUS! Your kids are cute.

Second, i keep telling Kristin that same thing... you'd be surprised what Jason and Sierra would think is fun... haha way to put those kids to work and make it fun :)

Good work with the powder room! You are really spiffing up the place before all your guests come, i know they will appreciate it!

Kristin said...

I think I need to put my kids to work too!