Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mucho Syrup-o

 I have a lot of syrup (photos) to share, so get ready for a monster post. We've had a busy week, but lots of fun photo ops. Since our pool has been open we've gone swimming a lot. The kids love being in the water. I love these 2 shots I captured of James.
He's getting pretty good a shooting his water sprayer and getting Daddy back. And swimming around the pool.

I realize I don't get too many shots of Stephen and myself. 

Madeline had Storybook Character Dress-up Day at school. Can you guess who she was? I picked up her outfit at Target, $4 for the shorts and tank top, and her sandals were on clearance for $8 normally $20! I bought a bouquet of Gerber daisies and a headband from the dollar store. I cut the flowers off with a wire cutter and glued them to her handband. Madeline's librarian at school loved her headband and was looking at it to see how we made it.

 She had a fun time walking around the school in the little Storybook parade they had.
Here she is waiting for her school bus on the corner in front of our home.

 The other week Madeline's school had a "Big Wheels - Truck & School" event. When we showed up they had all these real life big trucks that the kids could get in and check out!
 Madeline in a big tractor honking it's horn.
 James in the driver seat of a big rig Army truck.
 James trying on the headphones in a Firetruck.
 Inside the school they had games and stations that had to do with trucks, cars and racing. Here are James (left) and Madeline (right) racing across the gym. 
 In the library they had computer stations set up where the kids could play the interactive game "Truck Town".
 Madeline doing a tire race game.
In the library they also had bins of blocks so the kids could build towers and knock them down with their big wheels they had to bring. I didn't get a picture of it but Amy's Ice Cream truck was there and we were able to get a scoop of ice cream for 50 cents! It was a fun event.

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Mickie and Matt said...

Sugar rush I love it!

Madeline seems to have a ton of cool things happening at school all the time. I don't remember that much stuff when I was a kid.

SO jealous your pool is open. We were excited that it reached 70 here in Vancouver... haha