Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Kid Talk

James is 4 and a half now. He was our late talker. While it seemed like Madeline's vocabulary blossomed after the age of 1. James used baby talk and didn't talk using real words somewhere between 2 and 3 I think. He's still a pretty soft spoken boy. He talks pretty shyly and doesn't like others listening or looking at him if he's not speaking directly to you. Anyway he still pronounces some words wrong, you know makes up a different word that sounds like the right word. 
Here are a couple I noticed in the past few days:

Pess-getty and meatballs :)

Sen No Mens :)

James is also a stubborn boy. He doesn't like to be corrected (boy are his future teachers and coaches in for it!). So we have this special thing when we tell each other "I love you". He will say, "Mama, I love you." And if I say "I love you James" or "I love you" he gets mad and says, "no Mama don't say it that way!"...I have to always respond with "I love you...too!". Have to add that "too" on the end and it always puts a smile on his face. Love our lil man.

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Mickie and Matt said...

That is funny, Ty is getting to be the same way when I correct him on things he gets upset. Too be honest I think it's a boy thing too... the whole talking later. Girls are just chatter boxes!

James is a cute little guy. Glad to hear he loves his mommy, those comments from the kids always make me smile too :)