Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day

Today is Madeline's last day of school! That's right we'll have a 2nd grader this August. She had a great year, we are so proud of her. Today they will have a breakfast party in class to celebrate the last day. Madeline was asked to bring juice boxes, so she has 20 of them weighing down her backpack - she's a tough girl. LOL We also got gifts for her bus driver (she's holding) and her teacher. I've always made thank you poems/letters with a coloring page for Madeline to color and give to them at Christmas and the last day of school. We got her bus driver a Subway gift card, an American flag and a car/bus tropical air freshner that says "Mahalo" (thank you in Hawaiian). We got her teacher a gift card to get either a manicure or spa pedicure. As well as a summer towel that says "relax & enjoy". We hope they both have a great summer off and thank them so much for all they did for Madeline!

Has your summer started yet? Ours has, temps are in the 90's. Thought I'd share our latest pool pics. Oh and had to share what Stephen brought home from the Hertz lost and found. That's right I think this lifeguarding hat will be my new tubing hat. And don't these glasses just scream "Top Gun"? LOL

Our silly, water-loving boy.

Madeline soaking in the sun and practicing floating on her back.

Our beautiful and handsome boy.

Madeline practicing her hand stands under water. 

For the Memorial holiday weekend we're not doing much. Weird to think last year both my brothers, sister in-law and nephew were visiting at this time - wish they were here again. Stephen has to work most of the weekend. But tonight we're having our good friends the Wrights over to swim and bbq before their kids go to Washington for the summer. Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Justine and Fernando said...

Madeline definitely looks older and ready for 2nd grade! I love the hat...what a great perk from his job!!

Mickie and Matt said...

Ohhhh Summer I wish it were such in Washington! Rain Rain go away... it's still in the 50's here. It is supposed to be almost 80 next weekend though, I can't wait!

Madeline is SUCH a doll and those are thoughtful gifts for the bus driver and teacher!

I saw on facebook that your hubby has 34 vacation days... SO jealous of that too! Matt has 15 and they don't even start accruing for another 60 days!

Andria said...

I can't believe the school year is coming to and end, it has gone by really fast! Madeline looks so cute! Love your new summer hat!