Wednesday, May 18, 2011

9 Years Ago We Wed

Happy 9th Anniversary to my love, Stephen! Exactly 9 years ago today we wed. I can't believe that we'll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next year. Time sure does fly. We celebrated our anniversary this past weekend, thanks to our friends the Wrights who watched the kids while we went out for the evening. I bought us tickets to see TXRD: Texas Roller Derby. We were curious to see it live after watching the film "Whip It!" which was filmed here in Austin. 

So we headed down to South Congress, a very popular avenue lined with restaurants, food trailers, shops and market tents. We were going to try out this place called Guero's Taco Bar but as we were driving down the avenue I noticed they opened up a brand new Wahoo's! I love Wahoo's and haven't been in years so we went there.

Can you say yum? Grilled fish taco, cheese enchilada, with ahi rice and black beans. We also got some margaritas and chips with fresh salsa, guacamole and queso. I really enjoyed this anniversary meal.

The restaurant was open to the outside and had a cute little patio. We had a great dinner! Hook 'em Horns!

Stephen wanted to take a photo of me on South Congress with the famous food trailers. This has become a popular thing here in Austin. We have yet to try food from one. There is a Crepe trailer I'd like to try food from. Next time we will have to try one.

So we arrived at TXRD. What a fun sport to see. And these girls really get into it. They skate hard and fast and have no problem shoving their opponent out of the way!

Yes that is Stephen yelling "throwing some elbow, throwing some elbow" and enjoying the fact one girl ate it. LOL

My camera's shutter speed wasn't fast enough to capture these girls in motion but I did like how this photo turned out. We had a wonderful evening out. It doesn't happen to often that we get to go on date nights.

One of my favorite shots from our wedding ceremony.

Our tickets to the roller derby were pretty much our gift to one another. In Stephen's anniversary card I put in a prayer card I picked up from the Catholic gift store yesterday. It reads:

You have come a long way together,
You have walked in sunshine and in shadows,
You have faced life's storms and shared the rainbows,
You have climbed your mountains,
dreamed your dreams,
faced your fears,
cried your tears,
sung your songs,
and reached for the stars.
You have done it all with faith and love together,
And as you journey on to find tomorrow,
Go with love and always go with God.
Happy Anniversary.

Here we are 9 years ago on our honeymoon in Fiji. Gosh we look so young and skinny. :) We can't wait to go back to Fiji again one day!

One other part of my anniversary gift to Stephen is giving our downstairs powder bathroom a transformation. Above is how I painted in back in November 2009. Stephen told me to go ahead and do what I want with it decor and paint wise. So I chose to hang this floral painting by my Oma and paint the wall a coordinating blue with brown accents in towels and decor. Well Stephen confessed a little while ago, he doesn't really like it. And wouldn't mind if we re did it before family came in June. He wanted something more neutral, and not so "old-ladyish" as he would say. :)

So this afternoon while he was at work I repainted the bathroom this "Porpoise" gray for a cleaner, more neutral look. I also replaced the artwork with these contemporary, modern and expensive art on acrylic that my boss graciously gave to me. I love the artist that painted these, he's a local Austin artist. And these skateboarding images reminded me of growing up in California. Stephen really liked these art pieces when I brought them home last week. Let's hope he likes the transformed bathroom better now!


Mickie and Matt said...

Okay so the Roller Derby sounds like fun! The food looked delactable... the photo of your wedding ceremony was beautiful I hope you have it printed somewhere in your home and the bathroom looks great!

I will say I am sick of painting and want someone to come hang up all our stuff so if your itching to see Vancouver come on up and help us :) Oh and bring some of that awesome art work with you!

Justine and Fernando said...

That wedding shot is really lovely. The food looks soooo good too!! Happy wedding anniversary!

Andria said...

Happy Anniversary you two! What a fun date night you had...and Wahoo's too, yay!! Love the new bathroom color and the art pieces, way to go!

Kelly said...

How fun! Happy 9 years! The pics look great.
Those food trucks are showing up all over the place here too. They are really good.
Love the way the bathroom turned out. Great job.

Sassy Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys have created such a wonderful life together full of happiness and love. The Hubster and I can only hope we are blessed with the same!

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary!! I can't believe it has been 9 years already. I guess that means its 9 for us this year as well! Glad you had a great time out celebrating. Can't wait to hear how he likes the bathroom.

Tante Leen said...

Congratulations on your 9th Wedding Anniversary. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful celebration. I still remember that your bouquet was one of the prettiest I had the pleasure of designing.
Love you both.
Tante Leen & Oom Jack