Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess in the making

I was only 3 when I saw Princess Diana's wedding - but for some strange reason I can totally remember watching it! And I don't remember a lot of things from that age. So I've been pretty excited about this Royal Wedding. And excited for Madeline to see it. So yesterday I bought some English Tea Cookies at the store. I got out my special tea cups from my Fine China hutch and I have a date to watch this wedding which I recorded when Madeline gets home from school later. Funny because when I was brushing her hair for school this morning I told her in another country, England, a girl married a Prince today and we'll watch the wedding later. She asked, "Mommy did you go to England to see the wedding!? Do we know these people? Can we visit them and their kingdom!?". Cute huh. I had to take a sneak peek online this morning to see what Kate's wedding gown looks like - I LOVE it! Do any of you ever look at gowns today and wonder if they had some of those styles when you were choosing your gown that you would've picked something different? I do sometimes. I would've definitely worn a gown like this. And I think I would've gone with a mantilla veil. Well, can't wait to watch it later with my princess!

Here's our princess watching the Royal Wedding. :)

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Andria said...

Loved Kates dress, just gorgeous! Have not been able to watch the wedding, wish I could have though!