Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love this weather!

Can you say airborne?

I love Springtime weather. It's finally getting warm again, you know the nice kind of warm where you want to sip iced tea (or iced water for me) on the front porch and watch the kids ride their bikes, or the nice kind of warm where the kids can put their swimsuits on the play in the sprinklers in the backyard! We're putting Ironmite on our grass again, topping it with topsoil and patching up any holes Penny dug with pieces of sod. So Stephen was watering the backyard and suggested the kids come out and play in the water.

We finally got a replacement net for our trampoline since the old net bit the dust last month. The kids are enjoying the trampoline again every day now that the weather is warm and it stays light out until about 7:30pm.
Can you guess where we went for my early birthday dinner? Well it was Friday, and during Lent we fast from red meat on Fridays so we went somewhere fishy :) Red Lobster. It was super yummy. Love their bisquits, and I shared a roasted tilapia stuffed with lobster.
And before my early birthday dinner, Stephen sent Madeline and I to get our nails done again. It was really sweet and thoughtful of him and we of course enjoyed ourselves.

Madeline's friend from school and cheerleading, Ashleigh, had her 7th birthday party today - she invited Madeline and James to her party at the Jumpy Place. The same place we had Madeline's. The kids had so much fun!
It's been a fun and relaxing weekend!


Mickie and Matt said...

What the, SWIMSUITS? We woke up to SNOW all over our lawn this morning! I wish it were swimsuit weather!
Maybe Maylee will share your birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding my blog! My prayers will be with you and your family.