Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meeting the Illustrator and more...

Last month Madeline's 1st grade class got to meet a children's book illustrator, Doug Kennedy. Madeline was super excited when her teacher sent the flyer home. Madeline loves to draw! Every week for homework she is required to read 4 books, draw her favorite part of the story and write a sentence or two about the story. She always receives great marks for her illustrations. Who knows, maybe one day she will become an illustrator! Anyhow the flyer the teacher sent home said the students could purchase one of his books, have him autograph it and take a photo with him. So I let Madeline get a book. And this is the one she picked.

Madeline was excited, not only did Doug sign it for her - he drew her a flower too! :) I thought it has been awhile (probably last school year) since I shared a video of Madeline reading. I think the grandparents will enjoy hearing how much Madeline's reading has improved. Watch and listen...

On to another topic. Stephen went into our attic and got all of our Christmas boxes down. We're still not finished decorating, but I was pleasantly surprised to find all the "After Christmas Clearance" buys from last year that I forgot about. You really can get great deals! I had bought gift tags, stationary paper and envelopes, tree garland and flood lights. Everything I bought was under $2! So I've been wrapping all the nieces and nephews gifts and using my sparkly gift tags. And we've started putting up lights on our home and put the new flood lights in our entry walkway planter.

Last topic of this post, I just want to remind all our family and friends when you travel always double check your hotel room or your rental car before leaving! And if you accidentally left something behind, don't hesitate to call the hotel or car rental to see if they found it! Stephen brings home SO many lost and found items that are forgotten and never call or come back to claim them. Hertz has a grace period that they keep lost and found items for - then they trash or give them away. But if the customer never claims them, then whoever found them in the rental while cleaning can have the item (finders keepers!). Stephen has brought home toys, cowboys hats, new apparel, an iPod, duffel bags, a GPS - crazy huh! And yesterday he brought home this nice leather jacket and another GPS! It's a nice Motorola MOTONAV TN30, and retails for a list price of $279. I can't believe people forget such expensive items and then don't bother to call and try and find them.
Their loss and our gain I guess! :)

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