Thursday, December 23, 2010

7 years ago today...I became a mother

It's hard to believe that Madeline is 7 years old today. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I will never forget the day she was born. It was a long and grueling 31 hours of labor - but I couldn't wait to meet her! It's different with your first child. You don't know what to expect. But when she finally made her debut at 11:56pm she was the greatest early Christmas gift ever! Oh my how she has grown these past 7 years. I only pray Stephen and I are doing a great job bringing her up. With guidance and protection from the Holy Spirit we will continue to watch her grow and celebrate many, many more birthdays.

There are 2 songs by Carrie Underwood that make me think of Madeline. One I used in a slideshow of photos of her, it's called All American Girl. Stephen coming from a family of all boys, of course wanted a baby boy. So Madeline certainly changed the dynamic of our family. Listen to the words in this music video, it's totally Stephen and Madeline.

Another Carrie song that reminds me of Madeline is one of her latest, Mama's Song. Listen to the words...I know God will always answer my prayers...but I don't think I will ever stop worrying about my little girl.

So today we will celebrate at home as a family. She'll have some family gifts to open and cupcakes to eat. It'll be a great day celebrating her birth!


Armilyn and David said...

Happy Birthday, Maddie. We miss you

Justine and Fernando said...

Oh my gosh, she looks like she's 10 in that picture! Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

Mickie and Matt said...

Oh Happy Birthday Madeline! Have an AWESOME day with family.