Monday, November 22, 2010

Gotta use the coupon!

I'm not a real big coupon clipper/user. Although on occasion I do come across some coupons that I feel are too good to pass up on and try to use them before they expire. A brand new SportsClips opened in our town. I think their haircut charges are a bit high, but I guess you are paying to watch some games while you get your haircut. Well I had a coupon for an $8 boys haircut. For months now I've just been trimming James' hair, but I know it's far from perfect and probably pretty uneven. So I thought this coupon was a good enough deal to get James' haircut. Boy was he not happy. He went into SportsClips with tears. I had to really calm him down. But once he got up on the booster seat he stopped crying and stayed real still for the lady. He had a frown on his face the whole time and was very shy with her. But his haircut turned out super cute! She did a good job. And after James was happy to get a lollipop and a bracelet from the lady. And a happy meal on the way home.

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