Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homecoming Mum & Block Party

It was a busy Saturday for us. Madeline had her last official football game to cheer at, their homecoming game. I guess the youth leagues have "homecoming" games like the schools do. And we learned here in Texas that not only is it homecoming season, but homecoming mum season. What is a mum you ask? It's a Texas tradition. To make these big corsage like pins (mums) for the girls and garters for the boys to wear around their arms on homecoming game day.

So there were several volunteer moms on our league that made all the homecoming decorations, mums and garters.

Madeline is on the front right kicking her leg up. She really enjoyed her first season of cheering.

Here is Madeline and Ashley, her best cheer buddy, after the homecoming game with their mums.

So more girls on her squad with their mums.

It started raining after the game.

They even picked names out of a bag to choose a homecoming queen and king at each game. Madeline's friend Ashley got picked.

And here's Daddy with his homecoming beauty.

And this afternoon we had a block party on our culdesac. My friend Kate from across the street came up with the idea and asked me to help her orchestrate a party. So I made these invites and passed them out in the beginning of October.

Here is one of the desserts our neighbor made, isn't it creative!?

Kate set up a jump house in front of their home.

As well as a table to paint pumpkins at.

Our neighbor's daughter checking our other neighbor's son.

We invited Mia to come over for the block party and have a sleepover. She enjoyed holding one of our neighbor's twin baby.

The guys, probably talking about sports or beer.

We set up the food table and some table and chairs at our home.

No, none of our neighbors called the cops, actually he just happened to be driving by our street and stopped by to talk and show us his really cool cop car! The kids loved the lights and his really big guns inside his car. And the cop was nice enough to show us how he can check our speed from the front and back of his car.

Some of our neighbors older kids enjoyed a couple games of darts in our garage while James and Aaron sat and watched. It was a fun block party. And we got to know some of our neighbors a lot better. We'll definitely have to do this again!

So now we're getting ready to head to bed. Here are the girls in their Spongebob pj's. Nighty-night!

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jungersworld said...

Maddy is such a cute little cheerleader. How fun for you!