Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seeing Double

Our neighbors and friends had their parents in town and were going on the Lady Bird Lake boat tour to see the bats. It would be after their twin baby boys bedtime so I babysat them so they could enjoy themselves. Grant and Eric have an older brother Aaron whom is James' best buddy. With James being almost 4 it has been awhile having a baby in the house to care for and entertain. :) It was so much fun to have them over!

I did have to instruct James to be soft with the babies, he's never had a younger sibling or baby around. But he caught on right away and "pet" their heads softly. We played with Grant and Eric for over an hour before putting them to bed...they were such content babies! They just kept checking us out, looked around and played with the toys. Madeline and James were a little disgusted they put everything in their mouths and drooled, I explained "that's what babies do!". :)

I have to give credit to all those moms and dads out there of multiples...cause you're doing double (or triple) of everything. When it was time to put them to bed I had to carry one upstairs first and come back down and get the other. Now I've seen their mom Kate carry them both at the same time....but I wasn't confident enough to do so. Luckily I had my lil helper and monitor, Madeline watched one play on the floor while I was putting the other down. After I put them both down in their pack n plays in James' room they both started crying. :( But it was short lived and they finally fell asleep. Phew! We enjoyed the babies, definitely got my baby fix!

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The Geesamans said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time. You can get your baby fix anytime! Yes, it's workout getting up and down stairs with two babies. I keep wondering how long it's gonna be before I can't pick them both up at the same time. Hopefully they'll start walking first!